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Use D-Handiwork¬†currency converter tool and the exchange rate checker tool to prepare price quotes for you foreign clients, it is now easy to know how much you will earn in your country local currency when billing your foreign clients in dollar or their country’s currency. Also you can use the tools stated above to know how much a service or product will cost you in your own currency before you make a purchase online in a foreign currency.

With this tool, you no longer need to open multiple tabs on your laptop or PC browser searching for the current exchange rate of your currency and how to do the conversion from a foreign currency to your currency. This tool, can save you the stress and the time, by helping you do the conversion of the amount that you will receive in dollar or any other foreign currency, and know the equivalent amount of what it will be in the currency of your country when paid.

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Currency Converter

Discover how much any foreign currency is worth compared to your country currency

Exchange Rate Checker

Check your country currency exchange rate and any other country currency of your choice

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