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#1. (TO PLAN)

This planner will help you plan and organize your social media content for future posting and will also serve as a reference or record for content that you have posted on social media in the past.


This planner will motivate you to post consistently, which will result into high engagement with your target audience on different social media platforms that you are active on.


The chances that you'd get a lot of likes because you have developed a habit of posting valuable content on your social media platforms consistently with this planner is high


One of the fastest ways to grow authority online in a particular niche is to impact people in that niche through online communities, use this planner to make planning your content easier.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

d-handiwork digital handiwork

Any individual who creates VALUABLE content on social media platforms and aspires to become an authority in his/her niche.


Startups social media marketing teams who are in need of a free social media post planner template they can leverage on this planner to plan the writing of contents around the services that they offer.


It is a document file, so it can be edited and styled.


Can be opened on a Desktop application and on a cloud storage application on Google and Microsoft account.

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