10 Great Website Performance and Speed Testing Tools to Use


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Do you know that when a webpage takes a long time to load, the webpage bounce rate will rise, telling search engines that users do not find the page content useful, which will drop the webpage ranking on search engines? 

From a survey conducted: The report showed that Ecommerce website owners who had a checkout page that is even slightly slower than that of their competitors lost their customers to their competitors, as a result of their checkout page loading slow.

Is it possible to test your website performance and speed using certain tools online?

Yes, it is possible and, in this post, you are going to discover 10 tools that you can utilize to check your website performance and speed so that you do not end up losing customers, traffic, and your website ranking on search engines. From the survey conducted, losing customers, traffic, and your website ranking on search engines isn’t good for your business especially if you want to build a strong online business.


What is website performance & speed testing?

Website performance and speed testing is the testing (process) done to gather accurate information about a web application’s readiness (the state of being fully prepared for something).

This testing can also be used to evaluate/monitor server-side application performances for a website.


Why is website performance and speed testing important?

Getting a page load experience right is crucial to the performance of a website, even milliseconds
matter when it comes to user bounce and conversion rates. Poor page loading can affect a website’s ranking in search engines.

A key step to providing the best experience for your users is to understand the key performance metrics and tools to evaluate page speed.

There are many tools to test and evaluate page speed and entire website performance, if you have no idea about which tool to use, here are the top 11 tools that will help you do the job and do it well.


1. Website performance and speed testing tool: GTmetrix

GTmetrix_website Performance and Speed Testing

Visit GTmetrix website.


2. Website performance and speed testing tool: WebPageTest

WebPageTest_website Performance and Speed Testing

Visit WebPageTest website.


3. Google Pagespeed Insights

Google-PageSpeed_Website performance and testing

Visit Google PageSpeed Insights website.


4. Pingdon

Pingdom_Website performance and testing

Visit Pingdom website.


5. DareBoost

DareBoost_Website performance and testing

Visit DareBoost website.


6. Web Speed Test

Website-Speed-Test-Image-Analysis-Too_Website performance and testing

Visit Website Speed Test (Image Analysis Tool) website.


7. SEO Site Checkup

SEO-Site-Checkup_WebPageTest_Website performance and testing

Visit SEO Site Checkup website to try it out.


8. Site 24 x 7

Site-24x7_WebPageTest_Website performance and testing

Visit Site 24 x 7 website to try it out.


9. Dotcom-Tools

Dotcom-Tools_WebPageTest_Website performance and testing

Visit Dotcom-Tools website to try it out.


10. UpTrends

UpTrends_WebPageTest_Website performance and testing

Visit UpTrends website to try it out.



All of the tools listed above are great tools to get started testing your website performance and speed, you can try out each one to see which one works best and then go ahead to choose your preference.

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