Daniel A.

Digital Designer | Website Manager | Product Marketing Associate

''With my experience, I will utilize the small resources that you have to achieve big things for you within a short period of time"

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My work



Collaborations on Digital Design projects.

Certain Individuals and company’s in Nigeria, Netherlands, Brazil, United Kingdom have trusted me to work with their wonderful team on amazing projects.

Generated "₦1 Billion Naira" Annual Sales Revenue

I worked with the marketing and sales team of a reputable real estate brand in Nigeria as a Digital Designer, I created the company’s website, and Sales Landing Pages for the company real estate products which were mainly landed properties, the Landing pages were used for marketing campaigns to generate quality leads, which the sales team converted into sales, the annual sales revenue generated was 1 Billion Naira for the company. Aside designing I was responsible for managing the website and improving the users experience and interface (UX/UI) for desktop and mobile device. 

When i am not working

I am doing things like:

– Calisthenics workout which helps to strengthen my muscles.

– I am hanging out with friends that inspire me a lot.

– I am on my phone inspiring a small group of aspiring designers, writers, and developers on social media.

– I am on tech, real estate or healthcare blogs reading about the latest trends because of my affinity for Tech, Real Estate Investment and Healthcare Innovations.

I design websites for

– Construction companies
– Real estate companies
– Care giving home companies
– Healthcare and wellness companies

I am very intentional

About the best practices for the list below, when working on website projects:

– Lead Generation
– User Experience & Interface (UX/UI) Design
– Microcopy (UX) Writing
– Search Engine Optimization (On-Page SEO)
– Website Management and Maintenance
– Branding

My experience and skill isn't limited
to these tools i listed below!

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I believe a product performance and look can be better, whether a product still in the state of an idea or a product already existing, it can be better if the right digital design & strategy is implemented.

Poor design can be costly. Don’t continue to miss out on potential customers and revenue. Instead, consider working with a trusted partner in conversion rate optimization and website maintenance, to improve your design and increase your conversions. I am available to help you as a friend and a partner, check some of the projects i have done below.

Here is a Case Study of how i turned a simple WhatsApp message into a Landing Page/Funnel Design to Generate Leads

Case Study: Landing page for Acceleration conference.

I got the Brief using WhatsApp messaging App.

WhatsApp served as the collaboration tool for this project in order to get the brief and work remotely. The brief had just the e-flyer designed by a graphic designer from the organization for the conference and the brief also had in it, five form fields (Name, Email e.tc) to collect data from the participants who will want to attend the conference.

The request of the organizer: Create a landing page displaying the e-flyer and the form, however the page has to look clean, professional and modern rather than a page looking like a simple google form for registration. The page has to represent the brand identity, branding and also entice the participant, sort of giving them the energy (vibe, willingness) to attend the conference.

I achieved the tasks stated above without purchasing a theme or template, i came up with a minimal custom unique layout design that fits the brand color and tone.

Why the brand choosed me!

  • They needed someone who could work using his/her own initiative to figure certain things out and make the best decision in their own interest. 
  • They needed someone who could deliver as quick as possible but not under pressure.
  • They had no content aside the e-flyer and the form fields they wanted created. With my initiative i used the small resources that was available to design & develop a landing page for the conference.
  • I was able to adapt to the collaboration tool available which was WhatsApp, better alternatives would have been Slack, Trello, HubStaff, Google Drive etc.

Showing how i received the Brief (WhatsApp)

Deliverable: Landing page i designed & developed

Summary of what i did...

  • Landing Page/Funnel Design & Content Design
  • Implemented UX/UI best practices while creating the website layout and style 
  • UX Microcopy Writing
  • Landing Page Development

I am knowledgeable in Branding marketing creative for Startups, Take a look at the case studies below.

Branding marketing creatives to interact with prospect

Case Study: Zularich (Real Estate Developer) Brand Identity

The design impact on the brand:

  • The Brand Identity was used to start marketing on physical and digital planforms.
  • It was used to style the Business Card, to network with prospects (High Net-Worth) individuals interested in real estate investment.
  • It was used to style the Letterhead paper, to send out proposals to prospects, as well notice sent out to clients when the need arises.

Branding marketing creatives for outdoor activities

Case Study: Juhap Homes (Real Estate Agency) Brand Design

The design impact on the brand:

  • It made outdoor brand awareness more effective.
  • It was used by team members on certain days to celebrate the achievement of certain business goal.

I am knowledgeable in Print design for Startups, Take a look at the case studies below.

Print for Car

Case Study: Car Branding for Eystone (Purpose: For marketing/realtors incentive)

The design impact on the brand:

  • It made traditional marketing more effective for the brand.
  • It made marketing to passer by easier without saying a single line of word.
  • It was used by Brand Influencers & Brand Ambassadors for the brand to drive in more sales monthly.

Design: Before Printing

Design: After Printing

I am knowledgeable In Digital Product Design: User Experience Design(UX), User Interface Design(UI) & UX Microcopy Writing(UXW) for Website Design, Take a look at the case studies below.

Website Design + Development + UX Microcopy Writing

Case Study: Zularich Investment


Little or no content available to create a website that would be used for marketing (running online marketing campaigns) to generate leads (prospective buyers) for a new landed property that would be launched for sale.

How i solved it:

Within a short period of time i came up with a clean simple User Interface (UI) layout with minimal content (website media files and contents) to showcase this brand credibility and it’s real estate products.

The brand has gone ahead to use this website to run several online marketing campaigns.

Summary of what i did...

  • Website Design & Content Design
  • Implemented UX/UI best practices while creating the website layout and style 
  • UX Microcopy Writing
  • Website Development
  • On-Page SEO
  • Google My Business listing

Website Design + Development + UX Microcopy Writing + Lead Generation

Case Study: Big Bricks Development


Big Bricks, a new real estate startup with great idea on how to reduce the housing deficit across major cities in Africa, they needed a designer who understands these four things below:
1. Product Industry
2. Brand Identity, Voice and Tone
3. Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation
4. Lead Generation.

The challenges associated with their requests above was that they had little or no content and talents available to execute ideas due to the fact that they were just starting business and still trying to recruit the best talents to form their team.

Lead generation was another challenge because of the absence of a lead magnet, copywriting and landing page design.

How i solved the problem:

Instead of focusing on what was not available, I focused more on the things that were available no matter how small they were, like the brand identity guide, marketing strategy, people, content, data from customer and competitors research.

Having the resources stated above, within a short period of time I designed the website user experience, information architecture, UX Microcopies for the website interface and came up with a clean modern User Interface (UI) to showcase the brand credibility, it’s real estate products.

I used a blog post as a lead magnet to generate leads on the website because there was no lead magnet such as an E-Book, video, incentive etc.

Now realtors and customers are associating with the Brand through the website, and more hiring is also happening through the website.

Summary of what i did...

  • Website Design & Content Design
  • Implemented UI/UX best practices while creating the website layout and style 
  • UX Microcopy Writing
  • Website Development
  • On-Page SEO

Website Design + Development + UX Microcopy Writing + Web Progressive App (PWA)

Case Study: Eystone Development


The need for a Web Progressive App (PWA) became something this brand needed to look into, due to the fact that realtors were joining the sales & marketing force of this brand daily, as a result of the benefit that they stand to get with the brand.

For them to join the sales & marketing force, they will need to perform some operations such as “registration & verification” online through the brand official website.

The fact that registration and verification can be done online will make life easier for the realtors, and this will also encouraged more realtors to join the platform.

From research and analysis defined, this will be a huge win for the company, so this company concluded on making life more easier for their realtors by making the existing website a web progressive app since the brand profitability and exposure also depends on the activity, effort and satisfaction of their affiliates (realtors).

How i made it possible:

First, i designed the website and during the design process, user experience (UX), user experience writing (UXW) was something i paid much attention to, since there was a good user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) in place, and the website was already developed, it made the work easy for me to convert the website into a web progressive app within a short period of time, without disrupting any of the activities that realtors were performing on the website. 

Now realtors are able to install the website on their phones like a mobile App, click on an icon on their mobile devices, a splash screen comes up and then the website opens up as an app even without an internet connection. This has increased the brand sales 10x now.

This brand has generated an annual sales revenue of ₦1 Billion Naira, compared to the sales that was coming in before the web progressive app was implemented.

After the implementation of the Web Progressive App (WPA), this brand has won seven (7) Real Estate Awards, one of the awards stated “Most Innovative Real Estate Company”.

Summary of what i did...

  • Website Design & Content Design
  • Implemented UI/UX best practices while creating the website layout and style
  • UX Microcopy Writing
  • Website Development
  • On-Page SEO
  • Web Progressive App (PWA)
  • Created SPF Record for Email Deliverability
  • Created DKIM Record for Email Deliverability

Website Design + Development + UX Microcopy Writing + Listing Directory + Auto Generate Landing Pages

Case Study: Attractive Property Plus


Building individual landing page for all the properties available in the real estate portfolio of this brand was stressful team, expensive and took a lot of time.

The marketing team highlighted this issue as a draw back for them, how it negatively affect them from achieving the company’s sales goal.

Lack of sales landing page would delay running of online Ads and sending out cold emails to leads (prospective buyers) for landed properties on sales.

How i solved the problem:

Because it took a lot of time, my goal was to come up with a solution within a short period of time, a solution simple for the marketing team to learn and work with, simple in terms of usability, maintenance and cost. 

I came up with a clean modern UI which showcases this brand credibility and it’s real estate listings.

For each listing, i came up with a layout that fits into a landing page that will convert.

The layout had sections to assign write-up, the land/house images, as well a lead funnel to generate lead on the page.

Each of the landing page has its own unique url and it’s header and footer can be disabled (a feature that is optional) to lessen distractions (interference with the homepage menu, unnecessary buttons, tabs and labels).

My solution has reduced the cost spent on hosting individual landing pages and time put into creating landing pages for properties.

Now the marketing team just fills in the necessary write-ups and images for the landing page to be generated.

This solution has brought in more sales which increased the brand income flow and it’s client base.

Summary of what i did...

  • Website Design & Content Design
  • Implemented UI/UX best practices while creating the website layout and style
  • UX Microcopy Writing
  • Website Development
  • On-Page SEO
  • Google My Business listing

I am Knowledgeable In Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Take a look at the case studies below.

UX Microcopy Writing + Ranked Website Number One #1 position on first page, Google Search.

Case Study: https://d-handiwork.com

With strategy and Implementation:

I was able to take the website SEO ranking stated above from page number 5 on google search, to the number 1 page (first page) and first position on the page based on keywords.

The website ranked above websites such as pinterest.com, etsy.com, dribble.com, shutterstock.com, these websites have more popularity, traffic and domain authority.

It was possible because i did proper keyword research and deployed the right optimization techniques to rank “https://d-handiwork.com”

Summary of what i did...

  • Performed Keyword Research
  • Content Design
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • And more!

By now you should know that I will fit into your team, we should be working together on interesting projects.