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F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

d-handiwork digital handiwork

Any individual who creates VALUABLE content online and aspires to become an authority in his/her niche.

Simply use the Domain Search tool above. Type in the domain name in the search box and click on the "Search" button.

Use the DNS Propagation Checker tool and type in your Domain Name.

use the Domain WHOIS Checker tool to check the domain-name to see when it will expire.

Simply use the WHOIS Checker tool above, to find out a domain's ownership.


6 things you can use D-Handiwork Domain Insight Tools for!

#1. Verify Domain Availability

Utilize the Domain Search Tool here to see if a domain name is available for registration. 

#2. Discover domain owner

Discover the owner, location, and other details of a domain with the Domain WHOIS Checker tool here.

#3. Track DNS Propagation

It could take up to 24 to 48 hours after you change a domain’s nameservers before the change becomes effective. Use the DNS Checker tool here to check if your Nameservers has been updated to the new nameservers or if the DNS propagation is this going on.

#4. word Count for seo content

One of the fastest way to make your website/blog become visible and grow authority online in a particular niche is to impact people in that niche through content writing, use the Word Counter tool here to count the amount of words written in your article for your blog post.

#5. Get assistance

Assistance to quickly design creatives you will need for branding and for executing you online marketing strategies. Creatives such as Logo, Video, Landing Page, One-Page website design and development. Request for help here

#6. Get access to more tools

Access free finance insight tools, tools you will always need for transaction when dealing with business associates from different parts of the world. Tools such as currency converter and exchange rate checker. Access the finance tool here