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I believe a product performance and look can be better, whether a product still in the state of an idea or a product already existing, it can be better if the right digital design, user experience, strategy and management is implemented.

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My work

Certain Individuals and company’s in Nigeria, United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Brazil have trusted me to work with their wonderful team on amazing projects.

I Contributed to Generating more than "₦1 Billion Naira" Annual Sales Revenue.

I worked with the marketing and sales team of a reputable real estate brand in Nigeria as a Digital Designer/Product Manager.

The annual sales revenue generated was more than 1 Billion Naira for the company.

Aside designing I was responsible for managing the website and improving the users experience and interface (UX/UI) for desktop and mobile devices. 

When I am not working

I am doing things like:

– Calisthenics workout which helps to strengthen my muscles.
– I am hanging out with friends who inspire me a lot.
– I am contributing in online communities inspiring Non-Techies who want to break into Tech.
– I am on tech, real estate or healthcare blogs reading about the latest trends because of my affinity for Tech, Real Estate Investment and Healthcare Innovations.

Branding marketing creative for Startups, Take a look at the case studies below.

Branding marketing creatives to interact with prospect

Case Study: Zularich (Real Estate Developer) Brand Identity

The design impact on the brand:

  • The Brand Identity was used to start marketing on physical and digital planforms.
  • It was used to style the Business Card, to network with prospects (High Net-Worth) individuals interested in real estate investment.
  • It was used to style the Letterhead paper, to send out proposals to prospects, as well notice sent out to clients when the need arises.

Branding marketing creatives for outdoor activities

Case Study: Juhap Homes (Real Estate Agency) Brand Design

The design impact on the brand:

  • It made outdoor brand awareness more effective.
  • It was used by team members on certain days to celebrate the achievement of certain business goal.

Print design for Startups, Take a look at the case studies below.

Print for Car

Case Study: Car Branding for Eystone (Purpose: For marketing/realtors incentive)

The design impact on the brand:

  • It made traditional marketing more effective for the brand.
  • It made marketing to passer by easier without saying a single line of word.
  • It was used by Brand Influencers & Brand Ambassadors for the brand to drive in more sales monthly.

Design: Before Printing

Design: After Printing

By now you should know that I will fit into your team, we should be working together on interesting projects.