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I believe a product performance and look can be better, whether a product still in the state of an idea or a product already existing, it can be better if the right digital design, user experience & strategy is implemented.

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My work

Certain Individuals and company’s in Nigeria, United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Brazil have trusted me to work with their wonderful team on amazing projects.

I Contributed to Generating more than "₦1 Billion Naira" Annual Sales Revenue.

I worked with the marketing and sales team of a reputable real estate brand in Nigeria as a Digital Designer/Product Manager.

The annual sales revenue generated was more than 1 Billion Naira for the company.

Aside designing I was responsible for managing the website and improving the users experience and interface (UX/UI) for desktop and mobile devices. 

When I am not working

I am doing things like:

– Calisthenics workout which helps to strengthen my muscles.
– I am hanging out with friends who inspire me a lot.
– I am contributing in online communities inspiring Non-Techies who want to break into Tech.
– I am on tech, real estate or healthcare blogs reading about the latest trends because of my affinity for Tech, Real Estate Investment and Healthcare Innovations.


I am very intentional

About the best practices for the list below, when working on products:

– Product Management
– Product Design (UX/UI Design)
– UX Research
– UX Strategy
– Microcopy (UX Writing)
– Product Marketing
– Search Engine Optimization (On-Page SEO)
– Lead Generation
– Information Security and Compliance
– Agile Methodology

Sneak Peak - UX/UI Design

I know you are very busy!

I sincerely value your time, and I do not plan to waste your precious time.

It will be a great honor for you to go through my UX/UI Design presentation in a few minutes.

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Here is a case study of how I turned a simple WhatsApp message into a landing page/funnel design to generate leads

Case Study: Landing page for Acceleration Conference.

I got the Brief using WhatsApp messaging App.

WhatsApp served as the collaboration tool for this project in order to get the brief and work remotely. The brief had just the e-flyer designed by a graphic designer from the organization for the conference and the brief also had in it, five form fields (Name, Email e.tc) to collect data from the participants who will want to attend the conference.

The request of the organizer: Create a landing page displaying the e-flyer and the form, however the page has to look clean, professional and modern rather than a page looking like a simple google form for registration. The page has to represent the brand identity, branding and also entice the participant, sort of giving them the energy (vibe, willingness) to attend the conference.

I achieved the tasks stated above without purchasing a theme or template, i came up with a minimal custom unique layout design that fits the brand color and tone.

Why the brand choosed me!

  • They needed someone who could work using his/her own initiative to figure certain things out and make the best decision in their own interest. 
  • They needed someone who could deliver as quick as possible but not under pressure.
  • They had no content aside the e-flyer and the form fields they wanted created. With my initiative i used the small resources that was available to design & develop a landing page for the conference.
  • I was able to adapt to the collaboration tool available which was WhatsApp, better alternatives would have been Slack, Trello, HubStaff, Google Drive etc.

Showing how I received the brief (WhatsApp)

Ideation: Low-Fidelity Wireframe (Sketching)

Mid-Fidelity Wireframe

High-Fidelity Wireframe/Web Development

Summary of what i did...

  • Product Management
  • Landing Page/Funnel Design & Content Design
  • Implemented UX/UI best practices while creating the website layout and style 
  • UX Microcopy Writing
  • Landing Page Development

By now you should know that I will fit into your team, we should be working together on interesting projects.

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UI/UX Design Presentation

Website Development

UX Audit/UX Writing

Graphic/Print Design

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